Thursday, August 27, 2015

Social Media, Guns and Politics; a Sour Mix, Indeed

I find myself taking more time in absorption in last few months and less time in putting to words in the near term my concerns and hopes. There are so many seemingly contradictory forces abounding that the world seems a whirl. 

The jaunt of the DOW just this week has been dizzying and frightening but so very predictable as the Chinese economy has been overheated for far too long and it is demanding a correction. What people now realize more clearly, I hope, is that China is not that backwater, rickshaw country where everybody works in a tea or rice field.  China is a major global economic force AND is the holder of the largest trove of sovereign debt led by the United States treasuries, gold and foreign currencies.  Their unpegging of their currency, the Yuan, has been pined about for years for it was pegged to the US$. Well, they did and we see what it launched; chaos! I wish to use that as the backdrop or back story to my thoughts this morning for it illustrates how interconnected and yet still quite uninformed of our world in this ever meandering tectonic shifting or national boundaries, desires and drives.

The killings of yesterday in Virgina is beyond tragic for it was brought glaringly to our television screens with the poisonous coloration of the history of the shooter, his anger, his desire to go out with a splash. That splash illustrates, I believe, the unexplainable power of this thing called social media.  I cannot imagine Zuckerberg ever imagined where his FB invention would end up meaning becoming a primary communication currency in a world seemingly gone mad. But ISIL has mastered its power, politicians led by the Commander-in-Tweet has learned to craft policy via 140 characters blasted incessantly from the White House. There is something just not right about any of that as I view it but then, it is what it is!

Then there is the ebb and flow clashing of the mix of guns and mental health. A few people get shot up and the NRA goes quiet waiting for the storm to pass for it always passes. Then the flow of the ebb quickly flows to the issue of mental health so if you add guns to mental health; what we are too used to hits us in the face on ever shortening spans it seems. 

Let me be frank: YES, we have a mental health tsunami in this nation.  YES, we have a gun tsunami in this nation and when you fold the two together, we are left with a catastrophic elixir with no satisfactory conclusion. That is the definition of a Conundrum as I view it.

Then there is the axis of Politics that stirs the pot of dissent, hate, hopelessness, fear and doubt; that describes the general American view of Washington; certainly my view. I have lost confidence in the Legislative Branch as well as the Executive Branch and, oh yes, the Judicial Branch so that pretty much sums to I have lost confidence in the governmental system our Founders created.  The result is weak diplomacy, poor economic policy, tepid foreign policy, suspicion by our allies and our enemies view us as a much easier target. Other than that I guess things are about perfect!

The sideshow called the 2016 Presidential Campaign has been upended by Mr. Trump for his brash, bombastic yet fresh and no-holds-barred approach to the core issues our nation faces and continues to created is resonating with the electorate.  Discount him, demean him, cast doubt on his legitimacy but fact remains; Americans are listening. BONUS, his is using his money and not creating more strings attached to Superpacs, Koch Brothers, etc, etc. That part I am LOVING! No NASCAR driver suits with a hundred brands sewn on it will be part of the Trump Triumph it appears at this juncture.   He literally appears to have his own Elephant candidates fearful to stand up and take a shot at him thus they are all being viewed as weak.  This great concern about Trump destroying the Republican Party; well perhaps it is time that and the other Party were destroyed you think?

Here is all I know, I am deeply, deeply concerned for and by my nation for the concern goes quickly to the amazingly terrible leadership. Oh yes, let us not forget, which many have, that the infamous Iran Nuclear Pact clock is ticking for a vote by the Congress.  But now Congress is threatening yet another government shutdown as leverage on a completely different tangent.  Direction? Who knows!

I wish to think We the People deserve better but perhaps not!

Monday, August 17, 2015

The Enigma of Mr Trump

I have not done a blog for seven days for I chose to give it a week to see how the Trump Conundrum would unfold.  I am actually finding great humor in watching the TV networks poke, ridicule, attack and insinuate the real Mr. Trump.  As an aside, I am certainly no fan of Trump but it is very, very interesting to see how We the People are reacting to this man. He is brash, frank, blatant, in your face and speaking directly to the issues many Americans, the silent majority have simply chosen to just remain silent on due to the constipation of Congress and socialist agenda of the Liberals headed by POTUS.  If it were not so sad, it would be funny to a degree.
America, as a nation and as a political beacon to the rest of the world, seems to be more or less broken. We all feel it. We all hate it. We all fear it.  We just want somebody to step forward, toe the line, square back and attack these issues.  Americans are "fighters" for we understand that to succeed, you have to fight your way 360 degrees, seriously!  So with all the anti-Trump rock chucking, it is interesting that the infamous "polls" seem to keep liking Mr. Trump.
Of course, I have not been called for my opinion but assuming the phone rung and my opinion was asked, from what I have seen and heard in this craziness of a the POTUS race, I would today be supportive of the Trump roller coaster. But let me back up on that ... one thing with Trump is you can predictable his assertive, acerbic "tone" but he is saying the things many Americans has been our political system ignore, can down the street or find ways to haul in more billions of dollars from K Street.
Let me tell you what I want with no name attached:  I want my POTUS to be bold, frank, offensive and causes the forces of evil inside and outside the US to step back and reassess their motives.  The villains of the planet I sense have lost that wall of fire feel which was the litmus best for aggression and push back.  Keep your friend close but keep your enemies closer.  This Administration has redefined that adage for this President, from what I see, has embraced the bad guys and their sob stories and strategies as our new "friends" with Iran as the poster child for my assertion.  Like more and more Americans, more and more Americans have lost faith in our national leadership and especially in the ineptitude and corrosive environment we call Washington. 
There is too much illicit money in the system.  Trump is apparently separate from this NASCAR world of money sponsoring and thus directing our elected leaders.  I detest lobbying. I detest pork barrelling.  I detest the Congressional process that I believe is fundamentally broken.  I am convinced our Founders would commit suicide if they returned to see their handiwork today.
It is my greatest desire to see a Christian occupy the White House.  As I look at the field of both parties I have to just shake my head in wonder and disgust.  Trump is certainly no Christian but he would not deny that. I like seeing one thing about him which is he appears to be apolitical.  Clinton, Biden, Sanders; surely not!  The Republican Herd is neutral, vanilla and seemingly playing the political game. I want to see somebody get really angry and aggressive on the terrible state of affairs of my country.  Trump comes close to that and for that I appreciate his boldness.
But Trump is a political enigma which I think is good for it makes the rest of them shake as what he will say and do next; personally, it is quite a show. So with CNN, FOX, MSNBC, Leave it to Beaver and Top Gun trying to paint Trump as inept but is failing miserably as per the American people.
So who am I voting for? I have not a clue at the juncture!!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Show me the Plan, Please!

Those that know me know it is very important for clarity, direction, expectation and future state vision. Once I grasp that constellation, I will then decide to embrace or step away. Our nation, like no other time in my life as I recall, is as disjointed and disgusted as I have ever seen. We all watched the Republican debates this week which, for me, was not a debate at all. I am not at a point to endorse anyone for not a single you creates a fire in my belly to want to embrace. I was disappointed with the FOX team in their inciting  approach of questioning but that was certainly predictable. While I do not care for Mr. Trump, he is voicing the deeply rooted angst of We the People in a very apolitical approach. The dust up in Trump's rebuttal to Meghyn Kelly's blatant attack on his character has shown the power of the media leading to Trump now being made the villain. For me, the debate in the evening I watched was at best vanilla in strengthening my position on any of these men.
I must say that Mr Rubio was articulate, refreshing and clear in his responses. I am pasting in a Foreign Affairs editorial that I believe paints a very clear portrait of our nation today. Not sure he would pull any of the plan into real time but this plan is clear, it is plausible and more than anything, there is a Plan! I highly recommend taking the time to read this writ by this young man.
The state of our Nation spiritually, diplomatically, militarily and economically is at best concerning and at the worst depressing.  I am convinced at the core of the conundrum we call the United States of America is the result of too many decades where God's Principles and Word has been back seated and ignored.  We are witnessed levels of depravity most could never have imagined but Man's depth of depravity capable is immeasurable.   Planned Parenthood is now rightly in the cross hairs of this blatant legalized killing and pleased to see my home state of Alabama was one of the three States to de-funded this institution of death.
Legalization of marijuana is now a sporting contest.  Remember when all the casinos were being sold to the public on all the millions that would go to school funding? How big of a joke is that! Then on these advertisements you see a 1 800 number for "people with problems with gambling" to call; how sick is that?!?!?!
The traditional respect for political leaders has evaporated via corruption, lobbyist control and not sense of purpose for what Congress is actually doing. The Supreme Court has now reared its ugly head on societal issues that will have generational impact.  Our POTUS is, well, somewhere in space it seems to me.  The whole world is neysaying the Iran Nuke deal and yet he continues to spend millions in travel, speeches, threats, etc, in trying to convince We the People he knows best .. about Iran! Come on, Man!!!
I need to stop now!!  Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts!!!!