Tuesday, July 31, 2012

You Can Only Control Your Next Choice

I was so thrilled and honored last evening to get to partner with my son, Taylor, to conduct two back-to-back worship services at the Stark County Jail.  I have been in hundreds of jail services for many thousands of inmates over the last few years but last night was very, very unique and special for I witnessed a high degree of sincere connectivity from the inmates from the beginning to the end of both services.  That, in and of itself, is a blessing!

The topic Taylor preached on was simple meaning not complex or doctrinally over the heads of these men most of which were completely unchurched. However, the way in which Taylor unfolded the topic was simply amazing and it was one of those topics that really grabbed my mind and heart as I let it works its way through my brain to my heart.  I have written many times about the power and implication of choice in one's life on these pages.  Each semester I open the time up on that very subject as the students and I begin our academic journey; MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICES!  When I counsel or mentor I will use that vector to get to the real issues in that person's life that has brought them closer to me. MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICES!

But Taylor's sermon topic underscored an element that I had not processed that a person really can only control his or her next choice! Wow!!  We get so hung up on all the bad in our lives most of which are triggered because of poor decisions we have made or bad choices on what and when and how to do whatever is affecting us today when all the time there is but one real reality, we can control ONLY THE NEXT Choice!  Now put that in context of the setting last evening of relatively young men, primarily African American, in a jail, wearing orange over sized jump suits, tattoos galore, many missing teeth, some came into the service angry, downhearted, frustrated, scared ... You Can Only Control Your Next Choice ... clearer now?

The sermon resonated more clearly with the inmates in both services than in any previous jail service in which I have been a part.  Several times after I sang as I sat listening to the sermon with the inmates to my right, I would break away from viewing Taylor to turning my head to see the inmates and to see them, to a person, locked in on his words, heads nodding in agreement, tears flowing, hands raised by some; that is CONNECTIVITY. No pun intended but they were truly a captive audience and they all wanted to be there and hated to leave when the deputies came to move them back to their cell areas

I just had to share this this morning for it so deeply affected me last night to see what I described.  THAT was a worship service in a jail. God's presence was so very real and you know, that made it the most special.  I, as a dad, was amazed at how God has crafted and molded my son into such a wonderful speaker that can connect so well for he does not do it with gimmicks or loudness or some audience-pleasing style, he was himself and every man in that room identified with that. Yup, one proud father I was!  And there is no doubt those men returned to their cells reflecting on what they had just experienced.

Pray for these men and women in the jails. It is easy to ignore or just forget about them but they have children and wives and family and lives of many that reside in that cell as they sit there for it is never just the inmate that are being incarcerated, is it?  I believe there will be a better brand of choices made as a result of God's presence that was so strong last night in the music and in the word for it all came from the Word!  So how will you control your next choice this day?  Perhaps you are in your own jail cell that has been self induced and many in your life are residing there next to you in captivity!  Think about your next choice! PLEASE

Friday, July 27, 2012

Life ... it is pretty good when you think about it!

Just in from a chore I get to do in a new role in my life and in that chore get to interface with some really interesting, very smart, very experienced men and women.  This morning there was a client came into the office for a meeting with two other counselors and in the welcoming comments, I heard comments about life being tough, hard, harsh, challenging ... My rebuttal was that for me life is a choice and it is a choice to be happy, to feel good and I can say that not as a Pollyanna cheerleader but as a man that sincerely believes that. Let me explain!

Just last night at midnight at the Akron Canton Airport waiting for our daughter and her family to arrive from a week at Disney, I had the honor of meeting a great man I worked with at Goodyear and we were able to share some great memories.  I met another great Christian friend from my church waiting for his wife to arrive from a traumatic time with the near loss of her brother. As we spoke of the issues I asked the questions of her about her brother's heart with the Lord and it seemed to be timely and a needed few moments. We left with a smile and a hug. Then to be the first to see my daughter and family tired but smiling with such a sweetness of welcoming washed all the exhaustion away.  Life is good!  Yesterday was a great day and it was great for it began with time with the Lord and ended with a prayer of thanksgiving for the blessings of the day; THAT is a great day!

Now I realize that that can change very quickly with accidents, health issues, family problems, ill temperedness but I seek each day to find ways to bring a ray of sunshine into people God puts in my path for in that, I am warmed by that same ray of Light.  It is so easy to be depressed, down, angry, negative but those are attitudes of choice I have learned.  Today I will have time with my other grandchildren from our son and cannot wait.  Those smiles at the airport last night from all those that crossed my path were priceless.  I do love my life. I do love the people God populates in my life.  But as I told this man this morning, when you get up and feel good and your mind is working well and then if life ended this day and to know that next life will be even better; how can it get better?  He capitulated and agreed and thanked me for making his day bright! PRICELESS.

As we head into a busy weekend of singing, doing, living, I asked God to keep His Hand of blessing of my family that provides and protects and shields.  I guess I am just feeling really, really grateful!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

We earn but the money just disappears ...

Haggai 1: 3-6

3 Then the word of the Lord came through the prophet Haggai: 4 “Is it a time for you yourselves to be living in your paneled houses, while this house remains a ruin?
5 Now this is what the Lord Almighty says: “Give careful thought to your ways. 6 You have planted much, but harvested little. You eat, but never have enough. You drink, but never have your fill. You put on clothes, but are not warm. You earn wages, only to put them in a purse with holes in it.”

Heard a phenomenal sermon last night from the obscure Old Testament Book of Haggai.  The message of the Scriptures leaped off the page at just how little the world has changed in at least the last 2,500 years. Read verse 6 ... you have planted but harvest little. You eat but are still hungry. You drink but still thirsty. You clothe but remain cold. You work but the money disappears ....

 I had one of those Wow moments as the preacher unfolded the message from these passages for I realize that is America today. Marriages are fewer and more break up due to stress of needing more money flowing into homes only to be squandered on unnecessary things that lead to more gravity due to borrowing is increasing.  We work and work and add incomes but it seems more and more to come up short. As I listened to the sermon I thought about just in the hundred or so in the congregation last night of the Iphones, Ipads, Blackberries, video games, etc, etc, you know, all that stuff society beginning at a very young age cannot seem to live without. We work but the money simply disappears ...!

 I guess I sound like an old crow proclaiming from the tree branches to stop and assess where we are from where we have come and then project where we are headed. I watched the Military Channel last night on combat medics and medical technology of WWII and was astounded at what people like my father and father-in-law saw and had to endure and was left just shaking my head at our world today. We are a needy country but do not really see nor feel the need. We are a society that has hugely turned from a God that loves us and wants the best for us. I believe what Haggai the prophet was sent to do which was to chide the children of Israel to get out of their comfort zones and finally go and build the Temple is exactly where we are today. Our temples are Republican or Democrat, Presidents, toys, things that do not last but still we idolize them, don't we?

 Today just walk down the street or ride down the street with that much needed GPS blaring with the satellite radio blaring and watch the children addicted to the video games and clicking away endless blather on cell phones. Really, this has really dug into my heart the message Haggai was warning the Children about. How different are we, really?   When I read the principles upon which the Founders established this nation which was upon God's Word and see how that has been relegated to near obscurity, I really get angry.  
I want so badly to believe America can achieve its global stature we the Baby Boomers grew up under on the backs of our fathers in winning a global war but my doubts of America having the gut strength and conviction to do what is required finds me doubting.  Today, please, commit to praying for our nation and its leaders whether we like them or not.  As the preacher said last night, if you think the November elections will really change much, you have slept under a rock in the last generation or so.  The issues we face in the nation are not political; the issues are spiritual!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Bridge from Sinister to Sinful

As we all know the events in Aurora of this week have sent an electric shock through the hearts and minds of people around the world. Even in the continuing death rants of Afghanistan to the streets of Damascus, people were simply taken aback by the senseless, well planned attack on just simple people in a movie theater.  Each time this happens, which is far too often, there is this strange rationalization that quickly triggers in the media and in we the people that, well, this is horrific, and it is, but it is more horrific or wrong that killings wearing a uniform in fighting for a cause or a country. I some times struggle with that but that is my struggle to have personally.

I have fired many weapons in my lifetime but have never embraced the lobbies chiming for removal of all guns for I do believe in that thing called the Constitution that grants the right to own such equipment.  But when you begin to piece together the tapestry of the whole gun industry in a nonmilitary context, it really has become worthy of great concern.  Gun shows, gun stores, individuals buy and sell very high caliber and high rate of speed weapons throughout this country at what seems impersonal discretion.  The whole gun running Fast and Furious debacle still unfolding becomes part of the deplorable nature of the gun industry.  When I read the statistics of gun ownership and the more deplorable death rates in this nation versus other G20 nations and the as deplorable reality of prison population explosions, it causes me to stop and really ponder where we have come in this world. The richest and most powerful nation on earth, ever, has making more weapons, selling more weapons, killing more of its citizens and jailing more of those citizens; those are the facts! So why?

There is no simple, short answer to that simple yet complex question.  The blogs and FB walls are jammed with sentiment and fixes but I think the issue is much deeper and more highly complex than simply trying to get Congress to legislate a fix. I think I have seen too much example of the Government trying to fix anything.  I believe the problem, the core, is the heart of Man that resides in our nation for it is at that heart things like this begin to trigger sinister thoughts of destructiveness.  As normal humans, we cannot begin to understand the mind in its innate ability to ponder, to rationalize and to executes such atrocities.  But we can know that at the root of this train wreck is the absence of allowing a God that loves us to see the light of day of spiritual energy. 

I tend not to "preach" on these pages but rather to point out the spiritual context of the issues of our world. This is just too blatant a pulpit not to stand behind for a few moments.  Man will never explain what happened in Columbine nor Aurora for it is inexplicable but it happened and there will be more. There is always that fringe that will see this as an opportunity and challenge to not only replicate but to surpass a next event; that you can know.  I believe more and more that as this nation has turned further away from the very principles upon which this nation was founded and thus away from the God-sanctioned government foundations we see too clearly today, I cannot help but believe that God is very disappointed in His Creation and is allowing us, His people, to get a flavor of life without Him.  In other words, I believe God is standing aside to give us a taste of how ruinous life can truly become without him in hopes that We the People and We the Nation will turn back to Him.

There is much I may not know and much you may not agree with in my comments but there are some rudimentary things I will stake my life and soul on.  One of those is that the same God that created Man loves that creation and wants the best but He also crafted into Man the ability and capability to choose.  Bad choices lead to bad decisions which lead to bad things. What we are witnessing is the result of more and more bad choices at a personal and national level.

There will be much yelling for Congress to fix this by seizing guns, stopping sales, etc, but it will be in vain for we can study Prohibition in the 1920s and see how ineffective that approach is.  This is a heart issue and thus a spiritual issue.  This world is spinning in many directions in far too many vectors but that is what happens when Man is assumes command.  We need you God!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Some days are just better than others ...

Yesterday in the journal of my life was, well, a good day. It was a busy day but a day seemingly filled with some really great experiences finished by with a great choir practice in preparing for a Christmas cantata to be presented August 10. The title of the cantata is, simply, "And on Earth, Peace."  As our choir director opened up practice last night she spoke about this thing called Peace and later into the practice she returned to that theme which I realized grabbed me right where I needed grabbed. She spoke of realizing even as a little girl how she longed for Peace in her life; I must say I have always been the same even though most that know me would probably be somewhat surprised by the revelation this early Wednesday morning. But hey, there you have it, I like PEACE!  Growing up in a home that was not abounding in peace and calm I supposed grafted into me a desire for that and that is so very true today. 

It is interesting that as I get older, when God has something he wants me to contemplate, He will nudge from a sleep early to arise, pray and ponder His message for this day. Yesterday was one of those days and seems like today is also since I got up at 0430 and have been nonstop since I awoke.  I described yesterday to a great friend that called me when choir practice was over referring to how my day had been as, well, it was a "God day." I do not think I have even bunched together those words quite like that before but I did realize very quickly driving in the heat about dark that, yes, yesterday was a wonderful God day for an array of reasons.

Yesterday I had the honor of having time with a great former student that has chosen to bring God via counseling and discipleship into his troubled life and I am seeing, yes, PEACE, begin to take root. What a blessing!  Yesterday I met with one of our wonderful pastors at my church to discuss yet another former student in the throws of despair with the rocks and shoals of life. God moved in that conversation and my prayer was the student would, in fact, be conducive to beginning a spiritual process which, as it turned out, is excited to begin such a process.  I pray for PEACE in this young woman's life that begins with spiritual alignment with God's Will and God's Plan will be revealed.

When I got home all five of our grand kids were at a picnic in nearly 100 degree weather but watching them, even in the heat, come for a quick lunch was Peaceful and calming.  Three other phones calls yesterday each ended in a sense of Peace.  Are you sensing our choir director's comments on Peace in her life and in the music we are learning had direct gravitational pull on my heart and in my life yesterday? Ah, yup!

When I realize that many or perhaps most of those we surround ourselves with struggle to attain a true sense of peace when all the time I have this warm sense of peace in my life, I almost feel guilty when that realization is made known to me.  Peace is not a commodity; peace is a gift; AMEN?  Peace is a present all wrapped up by a God that truly loves us and wants the best for His own. Yes, we are HIS OWN and there is no other owner on this earth I would succumb to saying that to or about. 

When I see the storms of doubt, worry, fear, angst, pain abounding in a person's life, I hurt deeply in my gut and heart for that and almost feel a sense of guilt for being where I am in this life and enjoying the many facets that now comprise my life but then in realizing the facet that holds it all together is my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  God really is so good but that goodness is boundless.  One of the songs I love to sing is Boundless Love.  I will close this blog with the lyrics of this great song so hopefully the words will bless you in a very special way:



There is not a mother

Sister, friend or brother

Loves the way that Jesus can

He proved His love for me

When He died on Calvary

He gave His life for a fallen man


His love is boundless love

And it reaches down and touches me

His love is an endless love

That will last through all eternity

Jesus wants to love you

There is none above you

You are precious in His sight

He will never fail you

When the doubts assail you

He’ll be with you day and night


His love

His love

His love

His love

His love is a boundless love

Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Antiphony of Our World

On my walk this morning in the cool, moist air, listening to the birds chirp and the rabbits hop around and hearing the crunch of rocks beneath my steps, it all became musical to me.  I love music and the more I sing the more I yearn to understand the mystery  and mathematics of music. I do not "read" music for I never learned the theory.  This week a musical term has crossed my mind and laptop screen that has dug into that yearning. The term is "antiphonal."

Antiphonal music means the intent of the composer is for the chorus to be split in left and right halves of equal strength and composition. Hum, split into halves of EQUAL strength! Of course, you know I am not going to write about music but instead use music and antiphonal music as a metaphor for the craziness of our world today.  Each morning I cannot wait to scan the Wall Street Journal, The Economist and The New York Times to get the sense from all three on usually the same topic or event which is made especially interesting if I, in fact, watched or witnessed the topic or event the previous day.

So what you see many times is the political bents and biases of the networks come through subtly, at times, the work of the brain trusts.  The writers are superb and style and with magical vocabularies that can, well, mislead and misguide away from the sweet spot of objectivity.  But back to antiphonal music!  We really are one large choir in our world when you stop and think about it.  We have many different sopranos, altos, tenor and basses.  We want, as humans, to blend, to enjoy the harmony and savor the sweet sound of our collective choir.  And yet, antiphony seems to reign that, most times, leads to disharmony instead of breaking the four parts into smaller groups and singing of EQUAL strength in harmony to a set of notes on a piece of paper called music.

Antiphonal music is fun to sing but requires great discipline and close linkage with the director that brings the myriad parts and pieces together to the timing of the music.  So after all is said and done, it is about leadership isn't it!  Guess you did not see that one coming in my metaphor but for me it is blatantly the issue in today's world.

I have about decided that we are in a period of our human existence where it is all but impossible to attain a pure antiphonal blend on any topic. From POTUS election to economic theory, the debt ceiling, watching bill after bill voted on in both Houses down partisan lines, etc.  What happened to the art of consensus for, to me, consensus is a great example of antiphonal music. You take parts, break them into smaller parts but find a way to blend them to a beautiful symphonic harmony that is pleasing and exciting to the ear and thus to the heart; can we not do that in our human endeavor?

As I watch the banter escalate with the POTUS campaigns, I find myself really just feeling sorry for the process and the pundits that call the play by play.  For example, whether Romney was CEO in 1999 or 2029 of Bain Capital ... WHO CARES?  I want my POTUS to be frank, open, honest, connected with ME, has a backbone, is not beholden to PACS and SUPERPACS or Grover Norquists.  I want to sing antiphonally for it is so rich and inspiring when it is done correctly. So Mr. Director / POTUS next, lead us, please!  

This day, through God's Help, find a way to establish an antiphonal sound with your family, your friends, your colleagues or even perhaps within yourself!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Summer of 2012

We are midway through the Summer of 2012 and up early looking at the day begin to unfold, my mind is processing this summer so far.  What words come to mind as descriptors?  Well some of them would be:
  • the love and joy of grand kids
  • anxiously readying for a very busy Fall semester; can't wait!
  • my wife involved in teaching children at our Church for first time  -- she is so gifted!
  • that same wife moving to a new chapter of her life called retirement
  • being amazed by my wife's drive and organizational skills; simply amazed
  • thrilled to go back into jail ministry for I have missed it so much I realize
  • realizing each day the value and blessing of good health when so many are hurting badly
  • realizing my life, even at sixty-four, stays jammed with an array of things and I love each one
  • overjoyed how God has touched and blessed our two children and their families
  • Ms Hope ... this child from Ethiopia has touched my heart is ways I could never have imagined
  • Tuesdays with all five grand kids here and feel withdrawal by Wed when they are not here
  • Singing a Christmas Cantata in August working with a 65 voice choir; JOY!
  • Singing in two Southern Gospel quartets and loving every moment of the work
  • Blessed to sing in a men's trio, The Brothers of Grace, and truly loving the men in all three groups
  • actually looking forward to checkup this morning with cardiologist
  • have dumped nineteen pounds in last three weeks and that feels really good; Thank you, Bride
  • seeing God's touch in our lives in such phenomenal ways daily; PRICELESS!
  • choosing to watch less news thus get less frustrated and angry for this is God's world; He will sort this mess out or take His children home; either way, I am ready. SUPER PRICELESS!
  • our children, grandchildren and Alicia and I are saved; we are ready if He comes or takes us home before; SUPER DOOPER PRICELESS!!
  • have experienced the loss of some very precious, dear people in my life this summer
  • loving my church choir family for we are truly a family that love each other
  • grasping the sweeter of forgiveness in this life as only God can provide
  • aching for the jail inmates' lives I now meet almost weeks and just not understanding why such poor choices are so part of the culture of these men's lives.
Did not mean to wax so heavily with the list but the reminders of the good of life, my life, keep flowing through my fingers.  I hope you have a truly blessed day and will choose to be part of a blessing to another this day. It will make your day and your blessing sweeter I promise.

Just realized the old song; Count your many blessings, Name them one by one, and it will surprise you what the Lord has done!  Guess this is my mid summer listing!  Make your list today, please.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Day to Reflect

Just in from a drippingly hot walk but awoke about 0430 with my mind a whirl.  Emotional evening last night in learning of the passing of a dear man that meant so much to me as a young body and built into me a true love for the game of basketball and a zest for life.  I had a phone conversation with his son, Randy, last evening. Randy was my best friend growing up in Gadsden, AL and it was a tough, tearful exchange we had about the passing of his father.

On this Independence Day 2012, I am choosing to take this day to reflect on how blessed we really are to live in this nation. Having lived out of this nation and worked in many countries around this world and hearing stories from my son that was in the Dominican Republic last week, I was just reminded of the blessing of life in this nation.

That blessing does not nor will it ever come free for, like freedom itself, it has to be fought for every day.  We so take that for granted. So when the clouds of worry and fear roll through with political decisions, court decisions, 24/7 news finding new ways to ignite our brain cells with "BREAKING NEWS" which has become almost funny to me on CNN or FOX, I try to disconnect and revel in the fact that I can go and do pretty much what I want and when I want.

So on this day of celebration, though the heat will be intolerable throughout the United States, take a few minutes to cool and R E F L E C T how really just how good we have it. I love my country. It has provided me a good life, great experiences, a retirement, a family that is comfortable and an opportunity to worship in freedom.  THAT is a blessing!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

You know, maybe it is just me ...

Just in from a good walk and getting to see a beautiful orange ball in the sky that I know will brown my lawn even more as this day goes forward, I was pondering our world. I counted last night the number of Presidents have been in the White House since I have been born and the magic number twelve.  Interesting to know I know but hey, read on, please!

As I was thinking of the issues in the European Union, Japan's now almost two decade dwelling in their economic cave, politics in America, the Affordable Care controversy, the issues of war with Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, remember that?; I kept coming back to a common thread about this POTUS that stands in stark contrast to the other eleven presidents that I know housed the White House. Mind you I realize that I am older and understand things more clearly but here is my thread point ... I have never seen nor do I remember a standing POTUS that elicits such harsh, poisonous response and reaction almost regardless of the action or speech.  As I read my global news each morning, even outside the US, our POTUS is the candy-filled donkey hanging from the tree with everybody and their stick hitting at him.

I know, I know, you think I am getting out the violins and candles to step forward boldly to write words of defense and wash him with great terms of warmth; NOT!  I have watched this man as a Senator and wondered who he was. Articulate, dapper, warm smile, academically astute but; here comes the but.  I have found myself thinking of this POTUS more as a beautiful, cunning, dangerous Cobra.  The Cobra is mesmerizing and that is why it is so dangerously poisonous.  Please know I do not relish in putting these thoughts to words but it is just amazing to daily watch, listen, read in trying to determine who this guy really is and I still have not figured it out, frankly.

I have changed jobs many times in my career and have thus left many jobs in my career. This President and His Men cannot seem to leave the previous POTUS alone in still pointing and blaming W for all the ills and wrongs of mankind. I was not a strong proponent of W either but at least he took the ball and ran with it.  For me, with all the hoopla and criticism, this POTUS receives, justifiably I might add, it is the bent to blame the past when this president has been in that office for over three years, has added more Federal debt to the balance sheet and ALL PREVIOUS PRESIDENTS COMBINED and is the poster child for increased government in our lives, pushing what I have finally begun to believe is a socialist agenda on the American people.  These are strong words and I do not loosely put them together but having studied, researched and watched and listened, the Cobra metaphor seems more and more correct.

So you can know, as an American, I WANT THIS PRESIDENT to be viewed as a success, to be respected domestically and internationally. But reality is, he is not and thus neither are We the People. Our military does not carry the fear factor of respect it held for all eleven of the other presidents thus the worms and scorpions that lurk always continue to crawl out from under their blood soaked rocks not fearing the US Beat Cop anymore.

But worst of all for me, a man that believes in Christ and His teachings and believes every single word of the Bible, I see the very framing of the Bible and the U.S. Constitution being challenged and changed under this Administration. The Roberts-led decision by the SCOTUS brought the matter of the ills of this nation into focus when he was open that the changes to be made rests not with the Court decision but with the electorate translated as you and me. He is absolutely correct. 

We live in a republic meaning we elect people to represent us at the governmental level and we have done a very poor job it would seem.  We live in what was a Christian nation but that nation now seeks to established equality on a grand scale on societal matters and lifestyles that are simply wrong and an abomination to our Creator. We are a nation that has turned our backs on a God that loves us and we have myriad examples in the Old Testament of the Jewish people doing the same thing and God's Wrath was exacted.  How are we, as a nation, any different than the Children of Israel grumbling around about food and water and leadership. I have often thought that if I were Moses what I would have done; please, don't ask!  We have turned our backs on the very foundations that created this nation.  Read the writings of the Framers and you will find each of them making strong the fact that we are a Christian nation and a nation founded on principles espoused in the Holy Scriptures.  We are no longer than nation I have realized more under this POTUS than any other.

Am I pro or anti Obama? No for those Scriptures command that I respect and pray for my leaders and I do as hard as it is at times. Am I pro or anti being a Christian which, for me, over rides the politics of this morass we now reside? I am pro God and His teachings and I see a People and a Nation forsaking the principles upon which this nation was created.  And thus we pay the price so at the aggregate, the finger pointing begins and ends in front of our mirror.

adn not be steered by Grover Norquist-types or money by PACS and SUPERPACS, that our values as a People will take a step back and look at where we are from where we have come. We have taken God  out of our schools. We have chosen equality over what is right in the eyes of God for political rightness; that is sickening to me.  We have removed the Bible as the true and only Word of God and is unchanging in the headwinds of political correctness.  There will be some that might read this rationalizing that I am just old and losing my mind but fact it, I know what the Scriptures say and to see chipping away of the concrete foundations of those Scriptures by decree, law and interpretation is simply wrong.  And one thing about wrong; it is ALWAYS WRONG!