Sunday, October 2, 2016

Mr Trump Letter

Dear Mr. Trump ..... I would simply ask that if you are truly serious about leading our nation, and I believe you are, that you must, MUST, stop saying and doing things that are handing the White House the Clinton Machine. Your comments and public behaviors and persona are making it harder and harder for me to make a sound, solid case of defense of you as the right person of the two to be the POTUS.
This is not the first time you have read or heard this I know but even during a family birthday party last evening I found myself searching for right words to address logically why you are the better candidate. But Sir, almost daily you say or do something that cause those of us the have faith in you to take pause and ponder what on earth are you thinking and / or doing!
The race is your's to lose as I view it for your opponent has so much baggage to drag knowing even more will pock mark her Administration if allowed access to the POTUS. But it is strictly up to you to show the nation and the world that yes, we can believe in you, trust in your judgement and will be a beacon of honesty and forthrightness as our POTUS.
I think I do not ask for much and I believe I speak for millions of Americans that wish for the person to emerge and steady-state as I describe above. I would gladly discuss this with you if you wish. I am a seasoned veteran of internal politics and you being your own worst enemy. That Sir, is called stupid.
My disappointment with the RNC is unparalleled but you have shown you can go it without them, sadly. But you must build effectively coalitions, stop shooting the messengers and cease with the thin-skinned antics. My college basketball coach would look me in the eyes and strongly tell me to 'grow up and fight the winds before me." Mr Trump, those words are sage and most applicable to your situation for your situation is the situation of this nation's worth and value ahead.
Show us the leader I believe you are; and I and we are looking. You cannot let Clinton beat you; YOU CANNOT! You have media stacked against you which you could mitigate. You have alienated women which you must mitigate. You have to ignite We the People to you purpose and your cause. I believe you can do that.
No temper tantrums, prepare for the next debates, be strong, gentlemanly and statesmanlike; it will pay rich dividends, please.

Feel free to contact me, please

Jim Williams

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